Monday, September 29, 2008

Curve Balls

Yep. Today was going along pretty good. Wife and I were swooning over the little one, who from here on out will be referred to as Lil'Guns, from the bassinet. I was making a grocery list, sitting down at the PC getting ready to put some Lil'Guns photos together for the family and she had turned on the water for a shower.
Then I hear a noise...not quite loud but it was there. So I head down the hall...turning towards the basment stairs..what is tha..? "Aww-fuck"...water is pouring down into the basment. I ran down to the bathroom and shut off the water. Sorry wife, no shower for you.

A pipe had broke at the shower head. So, being the handy motherfucker I am I started taking the drywall down to pin point the problem and start the repair job. The leak was right up at the top and apparently a hole had formed after the copper fitting in the silver shower rod thing that the shower head atatches to. I first tried to back out the silver part but the pipe dope held it tight and the threaded part snapped off inside the threaded portion. I will have to replace the small copper section and shower head rod thing shown in the picture.
At this point I have started it and should have done by tomrrow. Not that it actually takes two days, but considering that the firewood guy showed up, I got in the grocery shopping, picked up dog food, the parts for the plumbing job, cooked dinner and washed all dishes...I think it's ok.
Wife just had to have Lil'Guns suck on the boobie and poop chinese mustard all day ;)... i think i like what I had to do better.


  1. I thought stuff like that only happened to me!
    Chinese mustard-ROTFFLMFAO.
    (note to self: *IF* I change my mind about another man one day, make sure he's a handymotherfucker.)

  2. Why oh why did the pipe to the shower head decide to break now of all times? That's what I would have been whining.. Good thing I've got a HMF around the house, too.

    Now, back to swooning over LilGuns!

  3. Hi Joe,
    Hey !! Congratulations to you and your wife. I've only been back to my blogs since yesterday, so that was great seing Lil Gun.
    Reading all you do, I say that your wife is lucky ! Good going, Daddy-o ;)
    P.S See; 2 sisters are now squatting your blog ! That good looking lady up there is my sis :)