Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Phrase-ology -TAPE IT

Driving into work today I was thinking about phrases I use that in the future my son (not here yet) will think I'm a weird ol' coot about. So I let my brain drift and I thought of the phrase:

'Tape it'

...as in to record a tv show or song on the radio or whatever.
Because for the most part tapes really don't exist anymore. No more betamax, vhs, cassettes, reel to reel. None of it. It is all been superseded by digital. mp3, dvr..etc.

Since it seems I have a wide variety of readers. I want to know is;

What phrase do you use, or your parents use, that is out dated?


  1. Sometimes I still say "icebox" when referring to the fridge. My young coworkers are always accusing me of using out dated language so I will have to get them to provide some input here.

  2. Grammy uses the phrase "hubcaps". Now if I remember correctly, "hubcaps" were made of metal.
    Now they are plastic and called 'wheel covers' LOL.

  3. My kids will think I'm dated when I say, "Pimp that shit, bitch. Awwwwww yeah. That's the way we work it."

  4. Just wanted to weigh in-Nothing to do with this post-but I wanted to leave a note about the last post-about your wife moving the lawn-

    When I was 8.5 months pregnant with my oldest child I went on a bicycling from San Fransisco across the Golden Gate bridge through Sausalito and then to Tiburon! And then back to San Fran!

    Google map that!!!

    Alas, did nothing to hasten my labor. I was still two weeks late.

    Good luck!!!!

    o-and I teach my kids to say "pet peas" instead of "pet peeves"

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  6. How about playing records (as in vinyl)?

  7. Again-nothing to add to this thread---

    But I have some posts of my son's first moments on my blog. I think that pick of 'Wife' sparked the post. :)

    I am so excited for both you of you! Yeah babies!


    Mrs. Hall