Saturday, September 06, 2008

Workin' Man

Yeah, I finally got a field day!

This past week a a co-worker and I went to a site on Cottage Street in Bar Harbor (pronounced, Bah-Ha-bah) to conduct a soil gas survey. The picture is of me using a hammer drill to make a hole through the asphalt; And that hammer drill kicks like a friggin' mule I tell ya! *side note* Once thing about B.H. is that in addition to all the tourists there are also a lot of hippie kids with fat bank accounts and rich parents who just hang out all summer and smoke pot. Annoying, at least take a shower. oh and petruli oil is fucking rank. *anyway..*

Since we were making holes so close to underground pipes we vacumed out the hole with that shopvac and pvc pipe down about four feet. Then insert the steel rods and turn on the PID to check for gasoline vapor. The whole deal worked slick as shit. A little bit physical, but it was better than doing paper work. I've got to say too, that the data was good and the methodology for the assessment of vapors solid.

So I did that at two sites last week and hopefully laid the ground work for more of these types of jobs at the company.
While I'm here and writing; notice that I added a music download to the right side bar. Feel free to download any of the music that I put up there. It is my brothers band and the songs are from a CD they made a while back. He thought it was pretty cool that I could starting spreading his stuff via the webs. Ill have to add a link for him once he gets something up.

I also decided to add a PayPal donate button. I figure I might as well start pimpin'. Why not? Beside if you really like the music or my wittings you can throw some spare change this way.


  1. hey love the photo of you. and yes, rich kids playing "poor" while they let their trustfund take care of their financial needs (and drug addictions) instead of getting a job really make me sick!

    BTW, thanks for sharing your bro's music and I love the donate button! Mayhaps a few coins will come your way! ^_~

  2. Bah Hab ah. Ok, got it.

    Tell those rich patchouli stinking pot heads that most of the REAL hippies are now lawyers, AKA their parents. Maybe that'll freak them out enough to do something with their lives. teehee.

  3. At least you got to use one of the newer ultra-light ones. I remember having to run one when I was 18 and earning money for college. The damn thing weighed just under 100 lbs and a lot of the work we had to do was horizontal. Between the vibration and the weight it was hell on the shoulder joints.

  4. trustfund kids...thats the phase i was looking just didnt come to me. thx.

    bobg. my wrists and shoulders are pretty beat up as it is. i can't imagine a larger version. viva la technology.

    as for the music i hope you guys like it. the production isn't the best but its all there and the stuff is good and fun garage rock.