Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lance Returns

It seems that Lance Armstrong will be coming out of cycling retirement and riding again. This is very exciting.

Here are some stories about it:

It seems his main mission is to raise HUGE cash for cancer. The second mission is to prove that at 37 he IS the fucking MAN!.

He will probably ride for Astana and with Levi and Alberto on the team, maybe Hincapie will make a jump who knows, but it is likely to be one of the strongest teams ever. Shit even if Lance were to suck ass he'd still rake in big cash for the sponser, teams, Tour and cancer. It is a no lose situation.


  1. This is great! AND we will be in France next year so we'll be able to see the classic and the tour and it would be great to see him ride again. He woudln't go with anyone except Johan. BUT..what is he doesn't win, that's the question???

  2. Lucky duck.

    I think it doesn't matter one bit if he falls short of a victory.

    What it does for him is raise HUGE awareness for his cancer Foundation and that is the main point.

  3. Ya know, originally I felt sorry for Mr. Armstrong when I heard he was coming back.

    I originally felt bad for him that his life had been so wrapped around biking that when it was gone he was forced to go back. Like a compulsion or something.

    But your blog has given me new thoughts about the situation

  4. MRs. H. I guess I'm changin' perspectives one person at a time.