Monday, September 08, 2008

SlingShot Thought -9-8-08

So I am sleeping and I have this thought about politics and vice presidential candidates. I'm sure it's not a new idea but one to re-state anyway.

Why exactly do the Presidential candidates get to pick their own veep? The whole process of the campaign is just a big long job interview. Shouldn't the guy who comes in second become the VP?

Doesn't that make sense logically? I mean currently we have two real contenders running. Each one pretty much represents one side or the other. Collectively most of the voters will be voting for either one guy other the other.

The candidates always say they will work with the other side to get past partisan politics. I think it would be a great kick in the ass if say Obama said something like ' And if I win, I will take on John McCain as my Vice President.' or vise versa. It may really unify the government and people.

Wasn't this the way in the past? Someone with a better knowledge of US history help me out here.

****I found the answer***
The Constitution originally provided that the presidential candidate receiving the second largest number of electoral votes be declared vice-president; this method of selection was superseded by that prescribed in the 12th Amendment, ratified in 1804. The vice-president is chosen for the same term and in the same manner as the president; if, however, no candidate for the vice-presidency receives a majority of the electoral votes, the election is thrown not into the House of Representatives, as with the presidential office, but into the Senate, which then chooses by a majority vote one of the two leading candidates.


I like the original way better.


  1. The president needs to build his/her own team. The odds of a true partnership forming by forcing two rivals together isn't likely. The 2nd person will always be annoyed with the #1 person, and the #1 person would likely cut the #2 person out of most everything.

    The people elect the President on his/her policies (in theory), so should something happen to the President they elected for 4 years, it only makes sense to have someone move into place that will continue those policies that the voters wanted.

    Besides, a candidates choice of VP gives the public an opportunity to witness the decision making of that candidate. It's a huge decision.

  2. You are having wet dreams about vice presidential candidates?!? Dude...