Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ohh lets do a drunken post

yeah, so wife is away for the evening and I am 7 shipyards and one double jack an dcoke into some web surfying when the great idea of making a brilliant blog post hits... so here we are.

so far I see idiots on the Nat'l geo tv. bitching about driving at high altitutued and commercials about genetial herpes :s oh the lack of o2. you fuckin' pussy.

i am wondering what the facts of terrorism are and after i google it i come up with:

- Terrorists Practice a Radical Form of Islam: Twice the murdering, half the bathing
.- They enjoy blowing themselves up, and we enjoy blowing them up. You’d think we would get along better.
- Their favorite military hero is Napoleon Blownapart.
- They will riot and kill each other over a few stupid cartoons. We should make more of those.- Terrorists want to sneak explosive liquids into airplanes. If you see any children on your flight, tackle them and confiscate their juiceboxes.
- Our latest intelligence indicates the Koran is really just a bomb-making manual.
- If a guy is being over-sensitive to racial profiling, he may be a terrorist. Strangle him with your shoelaces just in case.
- Terrorists act all hurt if you draw Mohammed, flush a Koran, or bomb Mecca. What babies.

So today was a good day. rode with bro and Dula' 21 miles....oh wifey just got home I should publish now....


  1. Well. I guess that is a drunken post.

    Either that or Courtney Love took over your blog for a day.

    Hope your not too hungover.


    Mrs. Hall

  2. nope no hangover. this morning. its all about the water.

  3. It's nice to see that drunk Geology Joe is just as funny and clever as sober Geology Joe.

    Feel free to Drunk Blog anytime, doesn't bother me!