Sunday, August 31, 2008


Fishbone played at the Asylum in Portland last night. Guess who went? Yep, ME!, and brother (D)and semi-brother (C). A GREAT SHOW, definately in my Top 5 Best Live Show ever! Good music. I can't really say too much. Either you know Fishbone -or you don't. Typically, music people know.

The crowd was realtivley small but full of energy. Ill talk with D&C to try and get a song list put together. I also got some short video clips, Ill attempt to get those to my youtube page later this week.



  1. Rock on Joe! Because when the baby comes... no more.. hA ha.
    Where can I get myself one of them there "semi-brothers" anyway?

  2. Oh I know it. We went out knowing full well this'd be the last for a while.

    A 'semi-brother' is a best friend we have know since kidnergarten. They are hard to get.

  3. Joe-
    Ask Steve about the Fishbone show we went to in the '80s!

  4. Hi Joe,
    It's always a treat to gret out to concerts.
    Sorry... I'm a music "dinosaur"; I don't know a lot of folks.
    Just saying bye for now; we will be leaving for the US ( first stop, Minneapolis to see my cousin) this coming Sunday.

    All the best to you & your wife.