Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cycling and a 'lil Geology

This morning was another beautiful day in Vacationland to ride my bicycle to work. The photo here I took on my way in this morning. It is a view looking west at the Presumpscot River, down stream of the falls.

Commuting Stats:
Distance (miles): 14.41
Time: 49 mins. 17 secs.
Average Speed: 17.5 mph

For the the the geology nerds. The geology of the area is fairly interesting. The soil are blue-gray marine clays of the Presumpscot Formation. Very typical of coastal Maine. The rocks are WAY more interesting. Silurian to Ordovician Age Hutchins Corner Formation. A flaggy blueish to purplish gray biotite quartz plagioclase granofels with greenish-gray interbeds of calc silicate. Migmatic pegmatite layers commonly interbeded with the host rock, conforming to the bedding. There are also some unmapable pelitic schist layers.



  1. Any good fossils in that area? I have been an amateur rockhound and fossil collector since I was a small child; one of the reasons I like hiking around Utah.

  2. You wont find any fossils here Bob.
    Acadia deformation wiped out EVERYTHING. Thou, there is some stuff, Way up in Aroostook County. but it's hardly worth the drive.

    I could get to Hamilton, NY in the same amount of time.