Friday, August 22, 2008

Commuting by the Numbers

On Wendsday I rode my bike into work for the Yarmouth to Portland leg of the trip. Post Here. And then back again that evening. 28.5 Miles total

Today (Friday), I did the same thing. 28.5 miles total. This morning while riding along I started thinking, How much money am I not spending on fuel? So, here is the breakdown:
On Wed. I had to take my truck in. The brake drum on the while car was stuck and at the shop. The truck gets about 20 mpg. My round trip pedaling was 28.5 miles. (28.5 miles / 20 mpg) is 1.425 gallons of fuel at say $3.69 per gallon is about $5.25.
Today I got the white car back. It gets about 36 mpg which works out to about 0.80-gallons. or about $2.92. At the end of the two days I saved $8.17.
And I got in two good days of riding, and just over three hours of exercise (45 mins x four trips).


  1. Wow, you seem like an active guy! My current level of exercise is somewhere between a sloth and a slime mold.

  2. What do you do when you get to work all sweaty and smelly?

    Do you listen to your ipod or some such?

    Just curious


    Mrs. Hall

  3. Mrs. Hall.
    There is a shower at work I use. I keep some supplies (towel, soap etc.) and extra clothes in my desk and just try to get on the road about 30 minutes earlier than normal.

    It's pretty easy to get into the swing of it.

    I don't have an ipod (gasp!)

  4. apathy. once your out and going, its easy to keep it up.

    starting can be the hard part.

  5. we have a $30.00 a week limit on gas and we commute to work most days. We are about 30 minutes from work, so 1 hour round trip. We save so much money and we are more relaxed when we get to work and get home.