Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bike Stuff - Baby Stuff

My Mom got a bike a while back for like 10 bucks. A Schwinn Supersport with a 'ladies-frame'. After researching the serial number DGxxxxx I learned that it was built in April 1971.
She let it sit out in the rain and I saved the poor beast recently and performed a little magic. I added a shiamno front and rear derailur, sun-tour shifters and front wheel from the bike a got for a buck last summer. Yesterday, I replaced the shifting cables, cleaned up a 'new' chain for it put it back on the road. It's really pretty decent now. WAY better than what I started with.

Baby stuff. The shower did go very well. It was crazy to have the women in my family all be in the same room at once. Something that hasn't happened in probably 20 or more years. The funniest line of the day was my paternal grandmother saying to my mother 'Is your house still as dirty as it used to be?' "Yes."

So yeah, we got a lot of good stuff for the boy. The room is done and ready. --------------->

And just for comparison sake, the room to start.


  1. Geology Joe, I would like to find a great bike like the one you fixed. It's amazing what a great problem solver like you can do.

    Half the fun of having the baby is all the fixing up and anticipation.

    What do you think?

  2. Your bike fixing wizardry amazes me and humbles me at the same time. Guess that means I need to get off my lard ass and get mine fixed up.

  3. Robyn, I find that people are always getting rid of their old bikes. and usually cheaply at yard sales.

    I had a lot of fun sprucing up the house. my dad helped out a lot too, so there was some good QT there as well. Im almost outta rooms to re-do... TIME TO EXPAND.

    Tony, thanks my wizardy is getting better each time I work on a 'new' bike.
    I hope that my enthusiasm encourages more people to ride a bike. It is a very simple machine to fix. But the best thing is that riding them is simple, wicked fun and can lead to a fatter wallet and thiner waist line.

  4. Very nice for both your "bike masterpiece" and the new furniture for baby.
    The baby's room is looking beautiful set up like that.

  5. Baby's room looks lovely :) and nice job on the bike!