Friday, August 01, 2008

C-span bus tour

One cool thing about Portland is that there is always shit going on in town. Today at lunch I ran across the C-SPAN bus and took a tour.

There are two buses. Each cost a million bucks. The inside is like a traveling t.v. studio. The guy speaking with us said that the two buses travel all over and at least one will be at each presidential debate, once we get there.

In the rear are all the monitors and controls panels to produce a show. In the mid-section is the 'studio' where the seats, larger screens and backdrops are located. Some t.v. clips were shown that show what it looks like when televised, ya know? You can't even tell it's on a bus. Pretty cool stuff. I guess people like Rudy Giuliani and Bill Richardson have been on the bus, to name a couple.

There are no sleeping facilities on board. Everyone (cast/crew) sleeps in hotels.

That's all. Just thought I would share.

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