Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Useless Commuting Statistics

Finally took my bike the partial distance to work today. I had done it a good bit last year but I have been slacking off so far this year. Well, hopefully today will get a trend going with me.
Yarmouth to Portland
Distance: 14.22 miles
Time: 48 minutes 54 seconds
Avg. Speed: 17.4 mph
Carrying rack and truck bag, 2 rear panniers, lunch, towel, change of clothes, bike lock and other crap like my wallet, keys, cell phone and PDA.
It was a glorious morning for a ride to work.


  1. Hope you did not laugh too loud as you pedaled past the gas stations.


  2. Hi Joe,
    That is great ! I would have to go back to square one & train to be able to do this.
    Good going .

  3. Amazing how you do it, Joe. Sounds like you might have to go like a speeding bullet to avoid the motorized traffic! There must be some bike paths?

  4. seev: actually i just ride along the roads. the roads and shoulders are pretty good and drivers are used to seeing lots of other riders in this area.

    on my way home Friday I was drafting a town dump truck at about 36mph for roughly mile along Route 1.

    now that is fun!

  5. Drafting a town dump truck! That's a good one! What safer way to go?

  6. seev, I wouldn't say it was exactly safe, thou, i did remain ready to bail out.

    but it definitely was FAST.

  7. Yes, I guess it could be risky, but as you say, FAST!