Monday, August 11, 2008

Lame Duck

The Olympics have been pretty good to watch this year. Did you see the opening ceremonies? Apparently today the news broke that the 'feet' fireworks were faked for TV. *pssh*

Did anyone else get the impression that if those drummers fucked up it was either back to the coal mines or off to the firing squad? Ah,Chinese communism.

On a related note, our Commander, George Bush was court side at a lot of the games. I found this <----pic somewhere and all it proves is that no matter who you are everyones kids' think their parents are lame.

For the rest of you breathlessly awaiting the baby shower story from the past will have to wait another day. :p


  1. I guess being president (or part of his entourage) means you don't have to wear the lame yellow lanyards. hee hee

    Thank you for the kind words on my blog.

    Hope the shower went well. :)

    One last word of advice--if you received the diaper genie--just return it. They are dumb and take a lot of energy to operate. Plus, I have yet to meet any Grandma or Grandpa who can figure it out.

    Just sayin'.


    Mrs. Hall

  2. His daughter is hot. Looks like the back of Mitt Romney's head below Bush.

  3. Hi Joe,
    I hope things are coming along fine.
    That picture just says it all !!!

    I'm more than sure that you will be a cooler Dad than ole GWB ;)

  4. i agree about the back of mitt romney's head. gods, i wish more olympic althetes ran for office. either that, or i wish more politicians took the human growth hormone so that maybe their mental faculties or backbone get that needed boost.

  5. Oooh, Baby Showers! I can't wait to hear how that went.. (yuck yuck)

    Yes, a sick little part of me also thought that about the drummers.. They were pretty damn perfect and awesome.

    Drumming for their lives...
    Oh I'm bad.
    Stop me now.

  6. Gives new meaning to thinking about "little drummer boy" :-), I had the same thoughts! AHHHH communistic perfection, really motivates you to have the performance of your life! I guess congrats are in order if you are having a baby! This baby will become the center of your universe! Get lots of sleep and have fun! Some day this baby will think you are lame ;-) LOL Thankfully you have about 12-15 good years of coolness before that happens!

  7. What a great shot of the lame pres and his disgusted hot daughter, while Laura's thinking "Mitt's not bad looking there, but I bet he's even stupider."

    Hope the shower went well, Joe.