Saturday, August 30, 2008


T-day dinner is fattening up right now.

Wife and I headed over to the Little Alasks Farm today to pick up a load of meats for the next month or so. When we arrived we noticed all the turkeys out front (pic). It turns out, as we thought, that these birds are fattening up for Thanksgiving Day meals. So, OF COURSE we put an order in for one of these fine looking birds.

The LAF is only about 20 miles from where we live and provides natural grass feed beef, chicken, pork and other items (unpasturized milk, bread, butter, eggs). The meat is some of the best I have ever had. It cooks faster and tastes better than any crap you may get at your local supermarket. It is well worth the extra cost and benefits the small farm and butcher. You should try it.

Little Alaska Farm 222 Leeds Junction Road Wales, ME 04280 (207) 933-5277


  1. I have a theory on why the meat from places like that taste better than store bought. I think it is more than lack of hormones, antibiotics or grass feed.

    I think the real difference is who the animals are treated. The people at that farm care about the animals. The butcher takes care in his preparation. This makes all the yummy difference.

    That's my theory anyway. It certainly explains the disgusting taste of McDonald's. Their workers don't care.

    Mrs. Hall

  2. Ah, at last some good looking turkeys! Compared to the scummy flocks you often run into on the roads of Maine -- but never run over, these guys somehow always avoid road kill -- these white guys are indeed beauties! I guess that's because they're being fattened for the kill? TLC can bring out the best in anything. ;-)