Thursday, August 14, 2008

it goes to 11

Yep it does. It goes to 11, and I am not talking about Spinal Tap's Marshal amps.

I am talking about the new rear cassette from Campagnolo. This seems to be another advance from the top italian bicycle parts maker and is sure to force Shimano and SRAM to design their own version. The Bicycling magazine people got to review the thing back in June. Lucky ducks. That story is HERE, but the short version is that:
  • strength and rigidity concerns with the cassette, rings and chain were addressed with better metal compositions;
  • the warranty is 4-years, compared to the usual 3;
  • it is compatible with existing 10-speed cassettes;
  • it's a bit lighter for you weight weenies.
I normally don't pimp products but really I just couldn't pass up the chance to post because it's really cool, I want one, and how often can you post the best scene in Spinal Tap.
Ride On


  1. HAHA.

    actually most of my stuff has shimano. but im italian, so there's a little national pride here.