Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend in Review

This past weekend was a good one. On Saturday I went up to the gun show in Augusta. It was pretty much the same as the ones I've been to in the past. Men, guns, ammo, knives. Maximum testosterone. After the fun was over the remainder of the day was spent with Wife taking care of the usual chores and shopping.

Sunday I got the urge to start work on repainting the house trim. It's in serious need of the work and I have been putting it off for about 2 too many seasons. I managed to get the front 25 feet or so completely scrapped down. There was a little mildew so I sprayed a ~20% bleach and water solution on it, let set for a minute and wiped clean. I also removed one small piece of 1"x3" and got about half of it painted with primer. I should be able to have the rest primed tomorrow and the whole section painted on Wednesday. After that it's off to the back side. Gotta get done by mid-September, and by the my deltoids will be RIPPED!

Party on.


  1. I enjoy going to gun shows even if I'm not planning on picking anything up.

  2. Your wife doesn't get name beyond


    Mr. Hall is currently painting the trim. It looks hard. I give him genius beer as I watch him work.

    hee hee, I love being a girl.

    Then again, I have to be the one watching the holler monkeys.

    Even trade off I say!


    Mrs. Hall

  3. bobg, its always fun to 'window' shop.

    mrs. hall. Yep, in bloggerland, she's just wife. at home she's Woman. ;)

    as long as beer is regularly presented to us and the 'holler monkeys' are kept aside Husbands will do most any house work i think.

  4. Dude, I get tired just reading your blog! Biking, geology, home repair, deltoids... sheesh! I need to find me some shade and open another ice cold brewski before your post causes me to pass out from over exertion.

  5. Tony. Just another day in my life.
    Ill have a beer with you as soon as I am done. :)