Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sex Day

Friday was sex day. No, not some day inventented on the internet where because some something like to save energey you should stay home and have sex in the dark or anything like that. Nope, it's the day of the sonagram that we could find out the sex of our baby.
I have been working like crazy to get an image from the DVD of the kid into blogger. I just cant see to get an image that will work. So, hopefully on Monday Ill get to scan the printed out copies and have that up.
But to let the cat out of the bag, we are having a BOY.
We are both very excited and were hoping it would go this way.
So in the side bar I have created a poll: Name my Baby. Please vote.
Thank you all.

I finally got the images scanned. Here is the money shot:


  1. I voted for "Lugi" assuming it was supposed to be "Luigi", like Mario and Luigi. That'd be rippin'.

  2. yes it's supposed to be Luigi.
    Damn typos.

  3. NyteGoddessBoo4/27/2008 04:04:00 PM

    First of all congrats on the upcoming arrival of your new son. Children are blessings from God. I chose the name Joseph. I think the name of a child should represent them from the time of birth. I know a lot of people who name their children some really weird names these days and I am like what where you thinking when you did this, lol, but never the less, when I had my children, I did not name them after anyone on either side of the family and I also took into consideration of how they would view their name in the future and the rest of their lives. So give it some thought and I am certain you will make the right decision.

  4. Congrats Joe -- and may this young may grow to be as talented as his dad! I vote for Stephen:-) but like Joseph too:-)

  5. That is great news Joe, I voted for Stephen. Children are without any doubt our greatest blessing. I am happy for you both.


  6. Samuel and Joseph were both my grandfather's names... I chose Samuel, though, because my little bro just named his son, Joseph! CONGRATS!

  7. Just don't name him Cletis....

    I like all the choices, Joe. Congratulations.