Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Drilling Day

So today I posted this pic. from my job site. I was the geologist on site supervising the installation of replacement monitoring wells. Here is the field pic sent from my cell phone:

If you read this post before 18:30 EST then all you saw was the image. It's way to tough to add text. So here I am now in the comfort of my bedroom office typing away.

Back to the drilling. As far as drilling goes it does not get easier. The weather was bright sun 53 deg. F. 6 wells. No soil sampling. Drilling in sand. 30 feet deep. Done. The other big factor is that these two guys are the best and fastest drillers around. They start early, work through lunch and get the job done.

All I had to do today was ID the well location and check it with the construction manager with the utility plans and say "drill there, 30 feet, 15 feet of screen. flush road box".

It was a good day to be a geologist.


  1. Joe,
    You are using some really cool technology.
    And the quality of the cell phone pics are really good!
    I'am still with "sticks & stones" posting from home ; LOL !

  2. Thanks Barb.
    I got a new phone and this was an option I figured out. I was excited. The picture quality also surprised me.
    I'm still exploring the possibilities and uses.

  3. How cool that you could be at work and posting on your blog at the same time!

    Golly I love the internet age!
    Looking forward to more adventures..