Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Riding past Road Kill

The weather is finally decent enough that a bike rides are more frequent and more enjoyable. Riding at 25 deg F can be adventurous but lets be real, at 65 deg F it's much better. This past Saturday I took out my recumbent for a little casual spin around the backroads.

One thing I have noticed recently is that in the early days of Spring riding I come across lots of animal carcasses. Critters that were road kill a month or two prior, were frozen into a snowback, but are only now visible, rotting and smelling 'oh so nice'.

Back to Saturday, about halfway through I rode past this fine looking critter. My best guess is that is/was a fox. The teeth were in surprisingly good condition. So, being an occasional mildly-twisted individual and recognizing a blog post when I see one...I snapped the pic. for the world to see.

I then sped home with excitement to get a better view of the image. Unfortunately, I dumped the 'bent as I turned into my gravel driveway too quickly. Oh well. Nothing broke, my scrapes will heal and the camera is unscathed.


  1. . . . . . . MORE road kill pics!

  2. Hi Joe,
    Poor creature...
    But I think that a zoologist would be having a field day.
    Glad that you are OK ;)