Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ridin' the MeMe Train

Yeah, memes can be fun. I found this one a good exercise in thinking through some of my favorites. I was tagged by Parenthesis who writes Random Blurbings.

The list...name my Ultimate Five:

Book: Fahrenheit 451. Helped teach me to read, read, read and build a large book collection.

Painting: The Giant - N.C. Wyeth. I saw this at an Art Gallery...the size floored me.

Place: Italian Alps.

Relaxiation CD: I was going to say Highway to Hell from AC/DC but how relaxing could that really be? So, Ill go with Johannes Brahms.

Dinner Guests: Socrates. George W. Bush, Osama Bin Laden, Lance Armstrong, Homer.

So there you have it. The train has pulled into the station.

I am electing to not contiune the meme from here. But if a reader feels so compeled, Bring it!


  1. You want to have dinner with GWB?
    You are brave.

  2. What are you serving - hemlock soup ?

  3. You want Osama and George at the same dinner table? That should be entertaining alright :)

  4. Wouldn't that be great thou?

    'George. Osama.
    Osama. George.

    Oh, I see the soup is ready.

    Lance, you So-crates and Homer will be having the salad.'

  5. Can Robert have some of the soup as well please? :(