Saturday, May 03, 2008

Blog Genesis - My Daily Journal (1)

I started this blog some time in 2004. The original idea of doing this came to me after my mom gave me a journal that my grandfather wrote in 1971. He wrote his as part of an assignment upon returning to school at age 40. It is the only real insight I have of him and is a good look into that time. With all that in mind back in 2004, I decided to make my own modern version.
Recently, I have been reading through it again, and it strikes me that his writings would make good posts.
Tuesday: September 14, 1971
Imagine after twenty-five years, to be back in school.
All those wasted years working as a common laborer. First, as a warehouse worker, then as a baker, and finaly as a clicker die worker. If it wasn't for the repeated operations, on my left elbow, I would still be there, in the world of drudgery, and what have I got to show for my toils? A limited vocabulary but with a mind that can be healed through hard work and study.
I am grateful to be able to have an oppourtunity for a new and exciting career. Optomistic but never pessimistic. As the saying goes, "The finer things in life are never easy to achieve".


  1. Yes Joe... your Grandad had some insightful thoughts.
    Very meaningful and universal.
    Believe me; those journals are a keeper.

  2. Yes, journals are great. I have some old ones as well. Say, it just occurred to me that I'm older than your grandfather if he was 40 in 1971. I was born in Jan. 1929. Holy Moses! Well, I'm not quite as old as him.....