Thursday, May 08, 2008

GeologyJoe: Bird Savior

The weather was beautiful yesterday morning. We even had a door open to enjoy it. Then a small bird decided to fly into the office.
"Joe! Joe! A bird, a bird flew in the office." I hear from my desk while I am preparing my daily ToDo list.
We find which office our little visitor made it in to and I quickly shut that door to keep him contained.
What to do? What to do?
Knowing they will fly towards the light I shut off the lights, drew the shades and opened a window. The plan was to get the bird to fly around and hopefully find the window in the darkened room. I approached the little bird but he was not about to budge from his perch on top of the window shade.
Quickly reformulating the plan I grabbed a towel from my desk. The little bird actually let me pick him up.
I started to carry him out and he wiggled free, fluttered about and landed on my co-workers shoulder and back.
She squealed.
"Don't move! Don't move!" I say laughing.
I quickly got the bird back into hand and brought him out side. I figured that once we were out and I let go, he would just fly away.
Nope. He just hung out in my hand. I eventually was able to get him to jump into a nearby tree. The little bird, while probably dazed from smacking into a couple of windows, eventually flew away.

Can anyone ID the bird for me? I wish the picture were better but I couldn't seem to get the camera to focus on the foreground. Oh well.


  1. I'm a geologist so I can't comment on the kind of bird it is... all I can say is that it's soooo cute! LOL!

  2. Looks like it is probably a finch, but I'm not certain which kind. Most of my familiarity is with the ones in my area.

  3. What an experience ! You handled that well.
    I don't know much about bird identification, so I can't comment on that last ID.
    We had a bird that flew in the house once. We managed to get him out without much more than a few ruffled feathers.

  4. aha! peterson saves the day again. i assert it was a white throated sparrow. same beak, same white stripes and yellow marking over eyes...same white stripes on wings.
    maybe it wanted to be on the payroll - times are getting tougher.