Tuesday, May 06, 2008

And the Universe Smiled...

Today at lunch time I took a walk as I usual. Within a couple of minutes of walking up the street, there it was, a nice little folded up 1 dollar bill. SCORE! I pocketed it glee and with a huge shit-eatin' on my face I carried on.

This must be karma paying me back for yesterdays' good deed. Then brief thoughts of that t.v. show My Name is Earl pops into my head.

Yesterday as I was returning from lunch I walked past a woman in an electric wheelchair fighting with a non-automatic door. I stopped and open the door for her. Simple. She said "Thank You" I said "Your Welcome" Total interaction 21 seconds.

'The universe is smiling today' I think as a walk toward my typical sitting spot 'and it just paid me a dollar to get the door for that woman yesterday'.
How will I spend my dollar? Shortly after that thought I pass by Violin Man, in His usual spot along the side of the Nickelodeon movie house. Everyone in town knows who this is, I walk past him ALL THE TIME. That's him in the photo above.

So, I flip him the buck I just found.

"Hey how a bout a nice polka?" He coherently mumbles.
And after years of walking past him, today he played my that polka.
"It's usually an according song, but I can do it with this.."

A few more final bits of small talk of the weather and I was back on my way.

The Universe is Smiling today and Karma has once again proven itslef.


  1. You've proven the secret to the universe!

  2. You've been tagged by me for the "Six Word Meme". For details look at the corresponding post on my blog. :)

  3. hey joe, thought i'd share a jewel with you that i picked up in a yoga class a year or so ago (back when i went to yoga classes). karma is an oft misunderstood term. it's not so much you do a good deed, something good happens to you in return. it's more about all your good deeds collectively. they create a kind of habit of doing good, that helps the good, the force, whatever, ripple through everything. not just your world, the world. so karma is just habit that feeds your soul and the world. i think americans like to focus on instant returns.

  4. it always feels good to find money on the street! you did a nice thing passing it along. good karma is definitely coming your way!

    I found 20 bucks on the street once, but I spent it on booze and food! ha!

  5. I like to think I keep the good karma flowing at all times. Its good for the soul.

    Nubia: If I found a $20-spot I probably would have done the same thing.

  6. Nice I love Karma...well when it loves me I love it!!

    My Name is Earl is the best. :)

    Thanks for joining my community on the bloglog....I looked forward to further brain dumps.

  7. Sweet post GeoJoe!
    I found $5 on the floor at the market one day and gave it to my co-worker who was very poor that week. That was fun.

  8. Good work, Kate, giving that $5 to that poor co-worker. I think I remember finding a 10-spot on the streets of Lowell, Mass., many years ago and I kept it, happy as a clam.

  9. Hi Joe,
    Great post; I really enjoyed it.
    I think that a good deed is never lost on the universe.

    I can't seem to remember finding a nice bill on the street, though my husband once had a got a bill when a scooter passed him.A crisp bill flew out of one of the dude's pockets. Merci !

  10. Good job. Paying it forward in a way.