Saturday, May 31, 2008

My World (Part VIII)

Tuesday: September 28, 1971

"My mother, the backbone of our home, she gave birth to four children all at home and with no doctor to assist her. The amazing thing was that after each of us were born, she would get up from bed and get my fathers supper. She is a very immaculate person, even today at 85 years, she still prefers to wash her clothes by hand and scrub the stairs on her knees.
She punished us when we deserved it (or not). All the times I got a licken from her, I forgot the words or not. She was a firm believer in respect for older people.
She was so pround, that even if we didn't have food and someone offered some to her, she would say she had plenty. That woman as pround and as hard as she tried to make us believe she was really as warm and soft as a rose in June.
She proved this time and time again. As I will express in my daily journals."

-Ed J.
This would be my great-grandmother, ('Bachi' is how I have always heard her name as. However, I think once again my family has slaughtered a foreign language name. A little google search shows Polish for granmother is 'Babci'. Hey, whatcha gonna do?)
It's really crazy to think that she gave birth four times, unassisted. My first kid is on the way and I can't imagine my wife and I flying that solo.
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  1. The difference in pronunciation could be due to different accents within the same language. How my family pronounced grandmother in German is different from how I've heard it everywhere else. I think it's due to the different region of Germany they're from.

  2. as a woman who has given birth to two kids all i can say is that your grandma makes us look like weaklings! good grief...