Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My World

Today I will be sharing another entry from my grandfathers journal. One of his own 'Slingshot Thoughts' if you will.

'A Weird Thought'

Saturday: September 18, 1971

In this day of long hair and mod clothes, it may be the in thing, but somehow I'm not sure how in this thing may be.

It could be that the age of leadership is dead, and we are in the mist of the age of followers going around in circles looking for a leader.

In the past, we have had Elie Whittney and his famous 'Cotton Gin', Fulton and the 'Steam Boat', the Wright Bros. and the 'Airplane', Einstein and his 'Equations of Relativity', Von Brown and his 'Space Flights'.

Today, who have we got to lead us into tomorrow? Have we reached a stagnant time period? What is the answer? Religion, love, trust, parenthood or togetherness or is the answer near -- Death!!

After I read this I noticed that the people my grandfather thought of when he was referring to 'leaders' are all scientists or inventors. Interesting, considering that I believe my self to be a scientist. Perhaps I would have provided some faith for him that the future does or will indeed have leaders to step forward.


  1. It's too bad that in 2008 kids look to overpaid athletes and actors as role models. So sad, these times!

  2. Hello Geologyjoe. thanks for commenting on my site! :) care to trade links?

  3. there will always be leaders that surprise us, even if it is in hindsight.

    September 1971 i was still in my mother's womb :)

  4. I think it is the complaint of every "exiting" generation that the current and upcoming generations are a bunch of degenerates and incapable of continuing on the human race. At least since Socrates had some of the very same bitches as ol' Grandad ;) I try not to fall into that trend myself. I see so much of today's twentysomethings without the work ethic and social conscious that I value and I fear for the very survival of our country and economy. All for naught, I hope.