Saturday, April 12, 2008

Meat run

Our trip to The Little Alaska Farm.

So I just figured out that I can post a pic from my cell phone directly to my blog. Its actually very simple in blogger; just send the picture as an email to the addy in the preferences section. *Poof* post.

WooHoo Cool! The image above is from a trip Wife and I took over to Wales to get some meat. Not just any meat mind you, but grass fed, localy raised, and butchered. The LAF had everything we could ever possibly need in the meat department. It was a great experience...we now have a meat guy. We left with about $140 in stew beef, t-bones, tenderloin, chicken, sausage and others. As we were driving away wife and I say

"Fuck Hannafords with there steriod jacked up cows and chickens."

I definately suggest everyone switch, it's better for you health, better for the environment, the local econonomy, better for everything.

This was just a trial run for us. Once we get it all sorted out we'll be splitting a half-cow with our parents...all meat cut to order and packaged in vacuum sealed bags ready for the freezer. I can't wait.

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  1. Glad I'm no longer a vegetarian :) I wish I could find a place like this. I'm craving steak suddenly....

  2. Almost as good as free range, growth hormone free, anti-biotic free, and outright FREE (financially) all natural deer meat. Well free except the cost of the license . . . and a gun . . . and blaze orange.

  3. Shtf...yeah and the labor of the hunt, gut, haul out of the woods and cost of the butcher.

    I'll just purchase it for now.