Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Naked-ish Grandmother

Ill probably get a lot of pervy porn hits with that title, but hey, whatever brings in the readers.

On Sunday I went to dad's to have lobsters. Yeah, again. lobsters, lobsters lobsters...I'd say Im getting sick of eating so many but shit, I aint crazy. Anyway, as is her tradition my grandmother always ALWAYS wears a apron. So my dad pulls out this one I got for him a couple of years ago in Italy. She wore it all night. She don't give a shit. She's 86, wishes she was 36 and has an awesome sense of humor. So I bring you...



  1. Had me fooled for a quick minute there! Way to go, Grandma!

  2. Heh Grandma,
    Boy, I don't think that our Grandma would have ever put that on in a million years :)
    You have a great sense of humor, and that makes you young.

    Keep on smiling ;)

  3. Where do I find this Apron? I HAVE To get it for my mother--yes mother. Email me ShawnKristielj@gmail.com THANK YOU!