Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fall Vacation

In the Fall, particularly in September and October I like to use up my last vacation days. I enjoy these months because it gives me a week off during or after my birthday and also gives me plenty of time to make the winter preparations. Typically, preparing firewood and outdoor cleanup tasks.

Last night (Friday) to kick off my vacation I went on a bike ride after dark. I live in a rural part of Maine and the roads are totally dark. Street lights are usually only at intersections or tricky stretches. It makes the route seem completely different than during the day time in these ways:
(*)The pace feels faster, although I can't see my real-time speed (too dark) and my average is usually a bit lower;
(*)You can get a tunnel feel from the bike light;
(*)A short trip feels longer.

Last night my stats were: Average Speed 16.1 mph, Max Speed 35.5, 10.39 Miles, in 38 minutes and 27 seconds.
I really like riding at night. Done right, its totally safe.
If a post reader needs advice about road riding at night, just ask, I have suggestions.


  1. Happy riding and happy vacation time to ya !
    Enjoy !

  2. I would think it would be pretty tricky riding a bike at night. But you must have good lighting. I guess you could avoid a moose or deer more easily than being in a car. But I can see how it would be fun too; as you say, a tunnel effect. Still, you would need to be a good cyclist, which I'm sure you are, to be safe at night, I would think.

  3. I agree, especially on the illusion of going faster.

    Even better, I've found, is unicycling at night. It is silent (no noisy chain), and if you stay on the quiet suburban backstreets, on the smooth bitumen, it feels exactly like you are floating. Wonderful stuff :)

  4. Kent, I haven't rode a unicycle in quite a while. But that sounds like BIG FUN.