Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bicycle ist

It's either a really fond hobby or an addiction but I came across and bought another bicycle, this time a mid-1980's Shogun 200. It's yard sale cost, $1.00 Dollar. How could I possibly refuse? Then consider that it has shimano hubs, front and rear derailer AND breaks...well there was just no going back.

I have already stripped it and transfered the brakes and seat-post onto my Raleigh single-speed. This bike was originally planned as a fixed gear, but I am laying in wait for a rear fixed hub and currently ride it with the freewheel at 42x16. Its a great city bike- light, silent and could preform too.

I'm not exactly sure yet of what to do with the remaining parts of this Shogun. -????- At this point I am thinking I could add the other Shimano gear to that Peugeot I got a while back and start building that back up. I just finished a pretty decent re-paint job to the frame. So thats an option...

Any random suggestions/ guidance out there?

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