Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Big Brother Clashes Heat Up

  • Reading my morning news sites I found this story about a guy in Tennessee who got busted for using a .30-06 rifle to shoot out cameras with at stop lights. I guess he got sick and tired of being watched over. However, the story indicates he needs some range practice as it took him 3 shots to take out the one camera. Any decent marksman could have done it in one shot.

  • Then I find that police in Miami will be adding drones to their skies. I view this as erosion of our personal privacy disguised as 'protection' and 'safety'.
"The capability of the unit is phenomenal," said Miami-Dade Detective Juan Villalba.

When will you say something? When the drone is flying over your backyard? Or will it be after they knock down your door because they saw you in the yard sharing some beers with your 18-year old son one summer day?

It is not JUST to keep informed but to RECOGNIZE and ACT.

-Thank you, this has been your daily dose of reality.


  1. Thank Heavens we have the Internet so we can report on the activities if the New World ... jg ;b;;
    n fc

  2. my god...i think the NWO just got Jeremy.