Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lil guns outing

Lil guns first resturant experience

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  1. YAY L.G.! That's a major milestone in life, you know!

  2. Joe, you look like you're holding yourself!

  3. man o man. That kid keeps getting cuter!

    well, resturants can be something of challenge with kids. My advice is to chill out before hand. Deep breathe, shot of whiskey, what ever it takes ;)

    And after you get a table, Wait to give any food to the kids until YOUR FOOD is within reach. Otherwise they gobble their food and are looking to run around before you even get your food.

    We went out to eat with Pancake this am. It is not possible to take them both out anymore because Mac is a crazy two year old that can only sit for a few minutes at a time. So that means one adult sits and eats while the other chases the mac around. Which defeats the purpose of going out for dinner. sigh . . . .

    so, needless to say, cherish the times when they are small enough to tuck into a back pack. lord howdy.

    it is fun though :)


    Mrs. Hall

  4. Adorable!
    Looks like you choice one classy Maine eatery to break him into as well!

  5. DiH: thanks, i think the cuteness is a defense mechanism.
    HH: thanks for the tips. Ill keep em in mind.
    Kate: Applebees has 'class' written all over the shitty sports memorabilia that adorn the walls.