Tuesday, February 03, 2009

LilGuns Goes SnowShoeing

The extra 10-inches of nice fluffy snow that arrived during the week, last week, on top of the existing 18" made conditions for snowshoeing perfect. Deep snow, unbroken trail. How does it get better...well all down hill would, but Im not complaining.
Saturday my brother came up and we broke trail down to an old beaver dam and pond about a half mile through the woods. It makes a great destination for such a short trip because it is an open area, interesting things too look at like the dam structures, cat-tails, trees, birds...Ya know, I find that one of the most important things about hiking anywhere is having a good end point. Without it...its just walkin' in the woods. The dogs had a great time too but had to keep stopping to pick the snowballs out from between their toes.
I love living in Maine. Its so nice to be able to walk off the back porch and get lost in the woods for an hour or more.
On Sunday Me, Wife, LilGuns and Dogs got all suited up and took the trail down for LG's first snowshoing adventure.

We were out for an hour and made it down to the beaver dam. I sweated by ass off, especially since i was carrying the boy, so i couldn't easily take off my jacket. But at least I know he was warm. The little guy didn't make a peep the whole time. Just looking, looking, looking. On the way back he actually fell asleep.
After we got home Watson thanked LG for the walk ------------>
On Monday after two days of back to back snowshoe trips I could feel that I had worked the muscles in my hip area pretty good. And now that the trail is so well established Im thinking of taking the dogs on a night mission hike. Maybe on Friday. Who knows?


  1. Hey, that sounds like a real good one, Joe. Great to get the trail established for perhaps a nighttime adventure as well. Not easy work! LilGuns must be getting heavy!

  2. I love this little story... thanks Joe. Our boy is getting BIG! I love his little face - I see both you and Melinda when I look at him. When Brian and I come up, (soon) we'll bring our snowshoes... I want to check it out.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kiss pic! Priceless!! :)
    You, Seev & Kate with all these snow fun pics are making me so jealous LOL

  4. I miss snowshoeing...kind of. I was more of a cross country skier person.

    Sure wish I could get back to Maine in the winter. We only travel there in the summer now.

  5. sounds like a lot of fun. never been snowshoeing, guess it's not that popular where i grew up in Maryland--although we did get a good amount of snow in the winter!