Friday, February 13, 2009

Here to be Human

I used to have a download box at the bottom of the blog for music. Somehow the stupid files got deleted. So i just said 'eff it' and moved on. Then i saw that Kate had a link and download to a mp3 file. 'cool' i thought. I asked her how she did it and she told me. Yeah Kate.
So now this is my first run with the new download ability. Try it out. The song is from my brothers band Here to be Human. The song is Resurrection. He is not religious, just a english graduate who knows how to use words.

The file is a *.wma; would it be better if I change it to mp3? Want more? Send me feedback.


  1. I'm pretty sure mp3 would be a SMALLER file without compromising any sound quality.

  2. Fender!! :D The axe of REAL pros!! LOL

  3. mp3 would make for a smaller file.

    Is Here to Be Human still playing or did the band end?

  4. Ooh, just to clarify.. I've never used, I just noticed another blogger was using it and it looked like the thing for you.

    I have my own web site that I upload my crap to and link from.
    I've been lucky enough to be living with a web guy for ever who shows me stuff.

    And as I'm typing this I'm listening to Resurrection and it sounds GREAT! Does Brother of Geo Joe live in Maine? When can we go see Here To Be Human play live?

    Oh, and yea, mp3 is the way to go baby! :)