Monday, March 23, 2009

I am spending some time today and tomorrow at the Northeast Geological Society of America meeting. This morning I managed to grab some GSA schwag (pictured), cruise the poster presentations and sit in a couple of talks.
My problem with the talks, as it has always been, is that while the presenters are among the best know and respected geologist in their field, few of them have any clue how to present good, clear and meaningful slides or how to SPEAK THE FUCK UP.
I was sitting there this morning thinking of this. Guy! speak INTO the microphone. Don't look at your slides and speak towards them. Not only that you are not projecting your voice AT ALL. Good lord man your like one of the 10 ten guys in this room right now.
I wanted to shout out ' could you please speak up'. But, as that I know who most of the people in the room are; it is really not the situation to be shouting at the idols. It would be poor form.
After lunch Ill go back up and sit in on a couple of more talks. Might as well. It's ligit time away from the office.


  1. I'm guessing they didn't have the "Warning Geologist At Work" swag in the form of a thong ?

  2. Guy needs a wireless mic...LOL)

  3. Just a thought here but um, you could just gently clear your throat, raise your hand, smile and say, "I'm sorry sir, but could you speak up, I am having trouble hearing you."

    seriously, try that shit, it'll work.

    yeah swag!!!

  4. Heff: a W:GAW thong would be awesome.

    DIH: i removed our donor conversation just to keep this cleaner.

    HH: I would have loved to say something but it just wasn't appropriate.