Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ride Training

Here's just a short little clip I shot on Saturday showing my fixed gear bike with appearances by my two Australian Shepard's.

On Sunday I took this bike down to the video store in town. just over 5 miles each direction. The way into town is about 1 mile of climbing and 4 miles of decent. the return proved to be a real killer. Never have my legs been sore from riding.
he bike is amazingly quite, not a real surprise considering it has no gears or derailleurs to clickty clack. The hard part is controlling the speed on descents. The fixed drivetrain is unforgiving. It took me about 24 minutes each direction which is an average speed of around 12-13 mph.
But such a great ride. Good training, especially with the Trek Across Maine Ride coming in a couple of months. I still need some donations. If your interested please go HERE. or click on the TAM logo on the right. If you have already donated Thank You very much.

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