Monday, April 27, 2009

ChopSticks, Fire and Bikes

Mid-week, last week, sushi take out ended up on the menu. LilGun's enjoyed the chopsticks. Thou, holding them like drum sticks will do little to get the food into his mouth. But then again the maki rolls are bigger than he could handle anyway. So, bang away my son.
Saturday morning I got up at 6am while LG and Momma slept in (to 9 i might add). By 7:30 i was, out of my mind bored, and creeping around the house like a silent mouse was driving me nuts. So I went to the fire department and got a burn permit. With two loan matches (no gasoline this time) I got the pile going really good right away. I took the photo shortly after I put on our 2008 christmas tree for maximum flame effect. After about 4 hours I had burned all that I wanted and I doused it out with the garden hose. It turned out to be a good controlled fire and didn't have that initial huge flame up like usual.
Sunday my brother came up and we did a training ride. I got the Trek Across Maine coming up and I need to get in my miles. If you haven't yet donated to my ride and would like to you can do it HERE.
I took him past the blueberry fields on Blinn Hill. Ride-wise it is a 1-2 mile climb at about 4% grade. On the backside I have documented a top speed of 51 mph. Yesterday I only topped out at about 46mph. Gusty winds kept me on the conservative side. Our trip time was 2 hours and 12 minutes for 34 miles. Not bad. I definitely need to crank it up from there. The pic is of me, sheesh my gut looks horrible. :( Oh well, nothing more miles can't fix.

Have a good week.


  1. Beware of bored husbands ( he he he ).
    No,I'm sure that you had the situation under control.
    Dig the drummer boy up there too :)
    Have a good week, my friend.

  2. I tried to get a permit on Sunday - no dice, too windy.

  3. EG. i was gonna call you on sat. and let you know that it would probably change but i got distracted and forgot.

    oh. new (used) truck coming this weekend maybe. needs some work b4 a sticker thou.

  4. few thoughts here

    so cute the wee Guns! ;)

    second-so funny-husband bored, awake early, going crazy, kid and wife STILL sleeping, starts a big fire--that is hilarious

    third, goes on ride, takes pic, says, ug, my gut, nothing more miles won't cure

    This going crazy business, i caught a case this weekend. Mr. Hall was out of town so it was me and the little ones and I SWEAR TO GOD we got out every minute we could because dang it, no amount nothing was going to keep us in, no fear, no anxiety of bringing two children at vastly different developmental stages, BY MYSELF, no worries about my crazy son who bolts and runs so fast and is getting really sneaky at hiding, nothing nothing nothing! BLAH!! And fun we had!

    ok good post.

  5. Oh... the picture of LG with chopsticks as drumsticks... ohhhh, Uncle Brian is going to be VERY happy. LG will love Uncle B's drum set, can't wait to hear him play!

  6. Kid is getting big - and cuter by the day :)