Friday, April 24, 2009

OSHA Training

Yesterday was my OSHA 8-hour annual refresher training class and test. It is a requirement to keep my hazardous waste emergency operations ( HAZWOPER ) knowledge up to date.
Among items we discussed were new shipping documents, the hazard classification system, blood borne pathogens, a little time with our emergency response guidebooks and the part I was waiting for PPE (personal protective equipment). Masks, suits, boots all that stuff.
'Who wants to volunteer?"...
and seeing a perfectly good opportunity to develop a blog post with interesting photos, I stepped up.
Picture 1 (upper left): I am wearing a powered supplied air hood. It is battery operated and has filter cartridges. The hood has two flaps, an inner that goes under your outer wear and the outer flap. It was quite cool and did not fog up.
Picture 2 (right) : I have on rubber boots, a new style of tyvec suit (which is some new material i forgot the name), and double glove protection. Here we were just demonstrating the correct way to tape off the legs and wrists.
So. Yep. I'm good for another year of hazardous waste cleanup. But do not fear for my safety. When the shit gets really bad...or even just a little bad. I step WAY the fuck back and call in Clean Harbors. This is probably one of the few situations were I will say
"why do it yourself when some other guy can it for you'?"

And, Yes I did pass the test.


  1. Nice! Um, about the last post (i am always behind with the comments) when you say you have dirty soil to move, is there such a thing as clean soil? Is not soil that which soils?

    anyway, cool pix, very nice, very nice!

  2. Oh Joe... totally love the banana look! "Hey! I'm chiquita banana and I'm here to say...." Do you remember that song? It's a moldy oldy. When I saw the picture, the tune started to play in my head. I found a video that you can see here so that the song starts to play in your head.

  3. Ok... found the commercial that you reminded me of in that yellow hazmat suit...
    Chiquita Banana Original commercial

  4. There IS such think as clean dirt, believe me.

  5. Dontcha love continuing education ?

    It's like a kick to the HAZWOPER !

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    THANKS! Have a great day -

    Eli Braden

  7. Ok that first picture looks a bit like a modern take on ye olde traditional KKK outfit :)