Thursday, April 02, 2009

This is not Serj Tankian.

This is Cortez (not his real name) and he has been my brothers, and I, friend for about 30 years now. He is like our brother.
He, my brother and my bro's woman are vacationing/ visting bro's woman's family way down south in St. Thomas. Sunburned, tatooed and wearing a christmas theme thong they sent me this pic (left) about an hour ago. Kind of brings new meaning to the phrase 'Jingle Bells'.
So, for some perspective on the whole scene, the pic below is where we would spend the majority of our time afterschool. Practing our licks, beats, and lyrics. In the pic is my brother (left) on the Eddie Van Halen knock off, Cortez (center) shreddin' the vocals and my uncle keeping solid time on drums.



  1. OUCH...sunburned, tattooed AND wearing a thong? Gotta love a ballsy man! (teehee) Rock on, Cortez! Next you'll be auditioning for the Thunder Down Under show.

    Oh yes, Serj Tankian ROCKS!!!

  2. I don't want to meet your friend in a dark alley- or in the outpatients section on the local nuthouse.
    I like the pared down look of the band- oddly, exactly what the industry is getting back to now. Never too late for a reunion- be warned, life on the road can be tough. Shairng a tourbus with Cortez, for a start...

  3. WOOO-HOOOO!!!

    (raises hand in the satan fingers aka goat hand gesture)


  4. GeoJoe is was so nice of you to lend him your thong.

  5. T: well i figured it was ok. i haven't worn it in years.

  6. SO COOL!!!

    \m/ \m/

    WOO HOO!!!

    (if there weren't kids up there, i would so through the wonderbra :)

  7. I'm pretty sure the guitar amp on top is a Peavey Bandit. Correct me if I'm wrong.