Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Peanut Butter

I was fooling around with LilGuns and thought I had detected the sweet sweet aroma of a nice full diaper. I called in Wife for a poopypants ruling. I heard a shout from the bathroom.
Holding the boy now at arms length, I tracked down Mommy for the second opinion. Secretly hoping for an All Clear, but really knowing where the outcome would end, On the changing table.
Let me back this story up a little bit. L.G. is just over 6 months old now. Growing right along like a little beansprout. He's got some good hair coming in, sitting up playing, interacting, knows his name and recently two sharp little teeth (lower center) poked through.
Now that there are teeth we started to introduce foods. Some beats here...let him gnaw on Mommys apple there. The last couple of days he has been eating carrots like no ones business. Last night he sucked up about 3 ounces, give or take.
Jumping back to this morning, I pull off his pants and open up the diaper.
Oh! Hey! Who put peanut butter in here?
*w00t* *w00t* Yep. So, to be anti-climatic I wiped him up and re-dressed the boy for school.

Bring on the fudge brownies.

p.s. I hope this story makes my aunt gag a little bit


  1. Yeah, um, if you need a second opinion you have already lost, the diaper is full.

    Very awesome that he is learning all about food. Keeps kids full longer, adds spice to their crazy life. All sorts of fun having a baby no?

    My son still poops his own weight each day. Ridiculous and disgusting.

    Good fodder to gross people out though. And makes his Daddy proud.

    Yeah Lil' GUNS!!

  2. Ok. Now you ruined me with my taste for peanut butter. You always knew the right combination of words to say in order to make me gag!

  3. It's it too early to toilet train the thing?
    You know, make him take care of his peanut butter himself?

  4. HH: all sorts, fo'sho'
    Sue: score!
    dih: thx
    kate: a bit early. but soon.

  5. Hi Joe,
    Yeah, my Daddy's big & strong, he can handle that, or...
    he he it comes with the job.

    Peanut butter ? Don't worry; I can't eat stomach that stuff since years.

    keep on truckin, Daddy-o ;)

  6. So much for enjoying that peanut butter sandwich I was going to have for lunch!

  7. you can always hear when my little nephew poops, it sounds like squirting ketchup from an almost empty bottle--so gross! =p

  8. You have such cute kid photos! Never mind the peanut butter...