Wednesday, April 08, 2009

More Music

Slingshot-ing off of my previous post I dug up a picture of myself when I was about...mmmm 16. Same basement, now with much more equipment.
The Eddie Van Halen Honer and sunburst 12 string are still there. The banjo body is just visible in the lower right. As is a cymbal for the drum kit, thou not pictured. But now there are two more electric guitars, one in a modified flying 'V ' even . I'm sure there is other equipment not pictured.
I (in my neon glory, lol, oh the late 80's) am sitting on my Fender Bassman 10 with 4x10" speakers. Ohhh its a sweet tube amp. Best sounding amp ever. Next to it is my brothers Fender guitar amp. It also is a 4x10. This fucker could CRANK. That amp has since gone to amp heaven. The bassman lives on. I don't play much anymore, but i will never give it up. Hell, LilGuns may need an amp one day.
So to wrap this shit is a song in about 2002 by my brothers band Here to Be Human.
Open Summertime.mp3
Its even an MP3. I got a converter, so please let me know if it works or is all FUBARed. Also please leave some feedback. Thanks.


  1. Hi Joe,

    Look at that young dude !! :)You looked happy.
    Thanks for sharing.

    I cranked up your bro's music as I'm writing... their guitar work is mighty smooooth. Great music !!

    Keep on rockin ;)

  2. Oh... I LOVED that basement. The fun we had down there listening to you guys play music. Remember the H.O.N. band? I know I have sound tracks from those days, I need to get 'em over to you.

  3. Hold on to that Bassman! Sweet.
    And, dare I add, nice legs GeoJoe!

  4. Barb: thanks. glad you like the song.

    Sue: I know. good times back then.

    Kate: The amp is going no where. and thanks.

  5. I like the beat box flute on the side there.
    Nice picture of you too.