Monday, May 04, 2009

Day Trippin'

Plans can change quickly some days. It was Sunday and my brother had just pulled into the driveway. We were planning on going out for a bike ride, get some exercise, work up a sweat, strain the muscles, burn the lungs and rest our minds. It can be a religious experience.

*ring ring*

'Hi Ma.'
'Oh your going to Phippsburg today?'
'Yeah sure we'll come down.'

Phippsburg is a small coastal town south of Bath. It's only about 40 minutes from our house and it is a beautiful place to hang out for the day. The riding could wait. Plus, LilGuns will get to see his Gram, Grand Aunt/Uncle and Great-Grandma. And of course they want to see him even more.
I ended up taking the longest possible way down, because I hadn't been there in years and I just couldn't remember any other way to get there. But the drive down was really nice. Long two lane roads. Tree covered. Hilly and winding. Rock outcrops just inches from leaving a big 'ol scratch down the side of the car. Drive carefully.
The camp is on Winnegance Bay in Phippsburg. The water is 30 feet off the dock. Stripper and blue fishing is awesome here. The year my brother caught the big bass, he got a 23 pound blue fish. Fought it for nearly an hour before landing it into the 12 foot aluminum row boat. The fish fight of his life.
The picture is looking northeast from the camp yard. The foreground shows a shell midden that contains lots of Quahog clam shells. We suspect the origin of the midden is from a local indian tribe. But that is speculating some.
The rocks are devonian age granites intruded into schists of the Cape Elizabeth formation.


  1. Stripper fishing in Phippsburg!? Man, I gotta go! What do you use for a lure, dollar bills?

    - D Dawg

  2. Quahogging all the clams!
    (I don't know.. It's just such a funny word)

  3. We were sorry to have missed the make shift gathering at Donna's. Bummer. We'll make a trip up before too long. The weekend was my respite time away from being a caregiver to Gram. Instead I got to work out in my garden and not worry about Gram's blood sugar or what I needed to feed her to keep her blood levels even. I had an wicked good weekend. Gram was so excited to see LilGuns. She was bragging about him all day yesterday. She told me that he is as smart as a 2 year old. Then she took credit because he has her genes! ;-)

  4. Looks like a beautiful place Joe. The fishing makes it even better!


  5. Quite a place. Great photo. Had to look it up on map. Nestled in there amidst Maine's fractal coastline!