Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bike Week

This week is bike week in the U.S. No, not THIS bike week. But This one.
Today I did my, now standard, Yarmouth to Portland pedal in to work.

Useless commuting statistics:
Distance: 13.92 miles
Time: 46mins 39 secs.
Average Speed: 17.8 mph
All while carrying about 8 pounds of lunch, work clothes, shoes, and other small stuff that lives in my panniers.
So, not too bad really. and its nice to get 45 mins. of cardio. before work and 45 after too. I should be ripped and ready for the Trek in no time. There is still time to donate. HERE.


  1. I tried calling and got the answering machine again. Will keep trying. Is there a deadline??

  2. remember 6 hour time difference.
    I'd say if you haven't seen it in your statments by now then it was never processed.

  3. Good luck on the ride! How far is it?

    I've done the MS150 the past 2 years. Not going to make it this year but maybe again next year?

  4. hey kellie. thanks. the ride is three days of 60 miles. total 180.
    i did the MS150 in maine a couple of years ago. it was great. i hope this one is equally as good.