Thursday, May 07, 2009

Who's the Boss?

Well that was a bit weird.
What does it mean when your boss comes in and says to you "I was thinking of taking tomorrow morning or the day off tomorrow. Will that be o.k. ?"
I started to answer and I say 'ah, yeah well the Concord site is smoothed out and..' then thought dawned on me...why is the boss/owner asking if he can have a day off to work on his boat.
Of course you can. You own the company man.
Obviously, he was asking what the work load and schedule was like for tomorrow and if I would need his input on things but it was a bit weird.


  1. You should have said "no" and kept on working in silence. Wonder what he would have done. ;)

  2. I'm wondering how many hours time difference between HI and ME? I tried to call that lady Chrystal but get the voicemail?

  3. earl that would have been sweet.

    debi. i think its 6 hours. 5 when we are in daylight savings time.

  4. You did tell him that he wouldn't be a paid day off, right?

  5. sheesh Kate the best come backs always come of after the situation passes.

  6. I'm with Earl. Should've told him his pay would be docked.