Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hump Day Stroll

Portland can be a damn interesting city. Not only did I walk through the Wednesday Farmers Market, complete with artists and musicians, I was asked for spare change by too many.
But, However *shaking finger* I did come across some new graffiti art and the PETA fruits were out against exotic animal skins.
My temptation to go grab a couple of hot dogs and shoot the shit with the pretty tarts handing out flyers was short lived. I had hot dogs yesterday.


  1. I've read about Portland, ME. It's supposed to be one of the more veg-friendly cities in the country. :) ME is such a great eco-conscious, progressive state! I'm proud of you guys :)

  2. Here in Phoenix, it is sort of hard to take a stroll during the work week when it is 105 degrees outside.

  3. Do you realize what those infernal hotdogs are doing to your colon?!? And think of the filth and gore they were processed in. Do you know how much animal and human hair and unmentionable animal parts and innards are in each of those delicious carcinogenic delights? If you got the weinie cravin' you should try yourself some good veggie dogs. You may be surprised to find that your meat fetish is more in your mind than in your taste buds. I am only concerned for your health, GeoJoe. I don't want my favorite Daddy Blogger to to bite the big one (pun intended).