Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Wrap Up

I only took a few pictures with my regular camera. I think putting out a stream of pics with short descriptions from my cell phone was fun. I read all the comments when I got home. Thanks everyone.
The top two pics I took while at Colby. The number of bikes all lined up next to each other was cool looking. 2,600 registered and there were at least 2,000 who rode. I got a luck good pic with all the wheels lined up in the second pic. FYI all the bike are upside down because they stand up that way.
On Day 3 My mom and Steve were at the second rest stop to cheer me on.
Thanks to everyone who donated and cheered me on. My knees were creaky on the third day but, made it.

*update* I almost for got. I wanted to say thanks to my team and team members at
PERCY Cycles.


  1. Oh...the creaky knees. I HATE those. I always suffer for days after too much exertion.

  2. Way to go Joe! You da Man!!

  3. Joe, I absolutely LOVE the picture of you and your mom. It's like one of those action photos that would always win the art contests in grade school... I could feel the love.

    What an accomplishment! You are a rock.

  4. Hey there, Iron Joe ;)

    I hope that you are feeling better now.
    I loved your second pic; quality & not quantity ! Ver very cool circles.

    Well done & I was happy to be in the "virtual" support team ( Thanks to Debi).

  5. I cant say thanks enough to all my 'virtual' support team. It was nice to see all the comments when I got back.