Tuesday, June 09, 2009

stuff and stuff

It cant be just me. I mean its gotta be generally understood. The busier one gets the less time for blogging.
I got a few minutes here, so Ill send out an update. I know my family reads my blog for status updates, download pics, and generally see what I/We are up to.
Last week, with the comment of Bruce running through my head, I took down the pic of LG in the air. Mainly to just avoid a shit storm that should never have to begin. It was a preemptive move.
So. last week i got to play the part of deck hand and take a client out on the bosses boat. The last post was from my cell phone. The pic to the left is a better pic looking up from the marina dock in Freeport.
And I managed to get a second 19" monitor at work. Edits reports in PDF was a real bitch, flipping back and forth between programs and scrambling up paper printed copies...ugh. most of that should end now. It's only been two days but I love it so far. I'd love to have a 'war room' type of set up. touch screens all over the place. surrounded by incoming data. reviewing, monitoring and reporting. sending out invoices. it'd be madness. but anyway, here is a pic of that.
Two thoughts for today. One. Fuck North Korea. Jailing those two women reports for 12 years!? My plan. set up a meeting with the heads of state in Pingpong N.K. get all the top Korean guys there. Mock up the shit out of the US arrival and summit talks. Then just as they are all gathered up. drop 4 MOABs, and wipe out the government.
Then follow up with supply crates of food and water for the citizens.
Second. A group of people in the Portland area are complaining about what has been touted as the single best public health venture ever, flouride in public water supplies. They are up in arms about 1 (ONE) part per million. They are clearly not balancing the greater good. It is shortsighted thinking and I completely disagree. And thats all Im gonna say about that.


  1. im with ya. Fuck North Korea for me, too..!

  2. Who cares about causing a shit storm? Isn't that what blogs are for?

    The anti-flouride movement is like the anti-vaccination movement - not backed up by any science. People need something to be angry about, though.

    Nuke Korea.



  3. yah, I'm really upset about those journalists. It's so ridiculous! I hope our government will successfully step in and get those girls outta there!