Thursday, June 11, 2009

A First Ride

I took LG for a little ride around the driveway yesterday. He's all tucked into the front mount carrier and I'm/we're riding the yellow schwinn that I repaired last summer. It's a great bike for this kind of thing because of the upright riding position and the 'step through' frame. He loved it to. Quite as a mouse, just looking all around. When we got off, he wanted to play with the bike. I think he likes the semi-shiny chrome.

Incidentally the work I did on the 10$ bike were to: replace/upgrade the front and rear derailleur and the shifting levers to some old sun-tours I scavenged off of another bike. And I also replaced the tires and front wheel from yet another. It rides and shifts pretty well.
Ill sell it for $80, if you want it.

And remember the Trek Across Maine ride is coming up on Fathers Day Weekend. There is still time to donate.
Donate online HERE


  1. OHMY GOSH... the video + the music + LG's face = PRICELESS!!

  2. This is AWESOME! I love our LG.

    Auntie Sue
    p.s. I sent a box up with Steve filled with goodies for LG, it's at your mom's.

  3. Cute cute cute! And what happy doggies too!
    And BTW:............................

    *I got through!!! I finally got through!!!!*
    I couldn't believe it someone answered the phone!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! :)

  4. According to the sidebar at The Accretionary Wedge, you have participated in this geology carnival in the past. We have a new edition going up soon, around the theme of "When and where would you most like to visit in person to witness something first-hand?" Are you going to be able to join our time warp? (more details at the link) We're trying to get The AW back on it's feet, and would love to have you participate. Sorry for the short notice, but late submissions will be added on as they arrive.

  5. Before you know it he will be wanting his own bike. With a nickname like Little Guns, a Harley may be in order.


  6. That's neat! Your dogs clearly don't know what to do about this enterprise yet.

  7. thanks everyone. he really seems to like it.
    as long as the dogs have a ball in their mouth they are fine, otherwise its just bark, bark, bark.

    jdp: a harley would be the only acceptable motorcycle. hopefully thou, he'll be more interested in a bicycle.

  8. The picture of the bike wouldn't load for me. I'll come back & check it out later.

  9. I checked my bank phone and it has already been debited from my account. Go, Joe Go!

  10. Hey Joe,
    Hi there !
    That was fun for Lil Guns and your dogs too !
    Yes, LG was just so cool up there.

    Loved it :)
    Best of luck for you & your team at the Great Ride. Deb & I are behind ya guys; so and pedal your hearts & legs out !

    You rock ;)

  11. I remember when I first took the wee pancake out for ride (the child seat was in the back). She was so quiet I kept stopping to see if shen was ok. Then, a bit later I felt her poking my back, sort of tapping over and over.

    Turns out she was doing sleep dips and her helmet was tapping against my back. She had fallen asleep half way through the ride.

    awesome stuff!

    fyi, there are front riding baby bike seats.

    I am sure there are other models, but just an FYI :)