Friday, July 10, 2009

Bug Zapper

We live in Maine. We have bugs: mosquitoes, black flies....the usual. Because there are so many you gain skills like how to grab and squash a mosquito with one hand or expect a sudden swat to the head from your wife and appreciate Bens100 like a fine cologne.
But this past weekend my mom brought over a new bug killing device. The Bug Zapper. A tennis racket styled, battery operated, electronic bug zapping device. I made a quick video. Check it out.
You'll want one.

So after seeing this, the first thing I think of is, 'lets get someone to zap their balls with it,' JackAss style. Who first? Haha.


  1. You know, they used to make heavy duty electric versions of those bad boys. My neighbors had one growing up, a lot of people did. You plugged 'em in and they created this nice light that attracted the bugs and then ZAP!

    You hung it outside like a bird feeder.

  2. Hawaii peeps don't need to spend $ on those new fangled inventions. Did you see the Obama vs. Fly clip? If you're from HI, you got some SERIOUS bug killin' SKILLS.

  3. P.E.T.A. will be all over that device!


  4. I enjoy the way you say "armed", you say "ahmed" or "alhmed"

    this is what blogs lack


    so, yous have a good de hey now!

    stupid thing is blocking who I am!

    THIS is Mrs. Hall! :)

    and you have a super duper night der hey and so!

  5. I need one! Last time I was up visiting your mom, those Maine skeeters had me for lunch. I've never had such big welts from bug bites as the ones I get when I'm in Maine.

  6. After living in Taiwan for two years (semi-tropical, full of bugs!!) I got very good at killing mosquitos ninja style with my hands. The first time my husband saw me do it in NYC, he freaked out! Tennis racket-style is fun, I've used it; but there's something very gratifying about hearing the smack sound when you've killed it between your hadns...*evil grin*

  7. On that last thought, eish, eina :)

  8. I think it would be fun to swing at those mfs and it's only 180 ZARs! What the hell is a ZAR? OK, a ZAR is a South African Rand, says XE, and a Rand is $0.1247 today so that 180 works out to only about $22.4. I might be tempted to buy one. If worse comes to worse I could always hit myself over the head with it. ZAP! I'm out! LOL!