Friday, July 24, 2009


Last weekend Wife and I attended the wedding of an old friend of mine. It was significant because, well not only the wedding, but that it would be the first night that we would leave LilGuns over night with his Grandparents.
We picked up my brothers lady in Cape E. and got to the Portland Club at just before 5. the last guests to arrive...of course. After shooting the shit with my bud's, many of who were in the wedding party, we were told to take our seats by someone.
The entrance of the wedding party began and before you knew it they bride and groom are walking out. Ten minutes start to finish. Let the reception begin!
The three of us went right back outside to the car where I had a few beers waiting in the car trunk. Hey, there is no need to buy 6 moderate quality 4$ beers when I got 6 good quality on ice right out side. The ladies each had a Sam Adams, I had two NewCastles. My brother came out and a few others. They shared some Crown Royal whiskey. Now, primed up we can go back in and have dinner.
The bride/groom first dance was a fun choreographed thing. Best one I ever saw...Something along the lines of THIS.
And the food was good. So, with that hurdle crossed there was nothing to do but feed wife a shot of tequila and dance and smoke a cigar.


  1. You get down with your bad ass self Joe!!

    I bet LG had a great time with Gram & Gramps, too!

  2. Hi Joe,

    That was a great evening for you & your wife.Parents need some fun time too !

    Look at those moves :) You guys were groovin !