Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cycle Commuting

Yep. Today I rode in. The weather is fantastic this week (finally) and I am going to take advantage of it, plus this week I found a cool new web site; MAP MY RIDE.
I have not played with it too much yet but the interface is simple and I have been able to do everything I need without any difficulty. Mapping routes, viewing ride information and even keeping track of my workouts. oh and they provide embed code.
here was my ride this morning into work:

The ride back to the car will be similar.

USELESS Commuting Statistics:
14.17 miles
44 mins 2 seconds
19.2 mph avg speed
30.5 mph max.


  1. awesome! i work 6 miles from my home, and i always say im gonna start biking...

    the problem is that the road i would have to take is not vetry bike friendly...

  2. youve gotta try one day Slyde. I suggest trying it on a weekend morning.

    This way you may find that the roads you drive on versus the ones you may bike to work are mostly different.

    That and wear lots of bright clothing.

  3. cool! my coworker rides her bike to work every day--she's in such great shape. I will share this site with her!